Every person has a right to happinessas a fundamental to life

Knowing who we are and what we want to do with our lives is crucial on our journey to achieving happiness.

Every child has a right to happiness as a fundamental to life and yet we now have 1 in 6 young people battling with their mental health, struggling to find their happy balance.

Alongside music, I have always had a huge passion and love for working with young people. I spent ten years working as a tutor/mentor and witnessed first hand some of the issues that children face with mental health.

I became fascinated in the study of happiness and how we find it and it was on that journey that I found that true lasting happiness can be achieved through courage, compassion and creative change.

It is my dream to work towards a future where we have happy, healthy, fulfilled young people.

Knowing who we are, feeling heard and sharing our stories through connection, compassion and creativity is key to overall health and mental wellbeing.

Young people are now under such extreme pressures. But what are schools teaching them about how to perform in life. How to perform as people? How to build strong, healthy and empowered minds. It was with this in mind, that the Strong-Gens movement began.

The Strong-Gens ‘Dream Tour’ is about working to build happier, healthier & stronger generations. This is a philanthropic project that we will be touring different countries around the world

Each of these adventures relies on sponsorship. If you’d like to help us, please find out more here.

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