Who do I work with ?

The Find your Life Lyrics 121 coaching program is for anyone ready and active for change.  I work with individuals to lift spirits, boost confidence and leave them feeling empowered to achieve anything they set their mind to.

I also work with small and carefully selected #FYT brands who are looking to find unique and profitable marketing strategies to help them increase their customer base. # Findyourtribe.

Select the life lyric session that aligns with your personal goal & join me on your unique journey to health & happiness.

What is my coaching style?

Music has been an integral thread throughout my life, it has an innate ability to connect and spread joy. All of my coaching sessions are built on a framework of music. I work on empowering both the mind and body. You can expect a session built around movement, meditation and self exploration.

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Life Lyric sessions

I want to break free

Is something holding you back from achieving your dreams – spiralling anxiety or an unhealthy relationship? If you want to break away from the old to embrace the new then this is the session for you.

I came here for love

Looking to heal a relationship with a loved one? Or to simply develop a little more self love. Then this is perfect place to start.


We all have days that don’t go to plan. Do you want to feel happier? In this session we work on making everything a little bolder and brighter so those happy vibes can find their way back to you.

Money, money, money

Do you want to break free from the 9-5 grind? Starting out on any dream project can feel daunting when you are standing alone. In this session we put together a plan to eliminate hurdles to let those dreams take flight.

Can’t find a session that feels right for YOU?

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