My story

Like many of us, I  had achieved all of my grades through school and gone straight to university. I’d jumped through all the hoops I was meant to but despite hitting every academic grade, I was left feeling lost. I had read all of the road maps, but I was still unsure on quite where I was going….I was left searching for my keys to happiness.

My twenties were filled with change.

I started my career as a singer/songwriter, touring the London music scene. But alongside this I was struggling with depression and an eating disorder, I lost my dad to cancer, got married and divorced.

It was a difficult time but it drove me to find answers.

In my late twenties, I wanted to explore happiness, what does it mean for different people? How do we find it? And most importantly, how can I share my own experiences to help others? Music has been the integral thread through my life so paired with my qualification in Neuro Linguistic Programming, I began 1-1 coaching and Sophia’s Life Lyrics was born.

My mission is to help you to find your purpose, fuel your passion and feel your power.

How can I help you?

I offer 1-2-1 sessions and group events, all of my programmes mix music with wellness.

Each coaching session, event or programme, is an opportunity for you to connect, feel good, dream and create change. The events give people a chance to share their stories, experiences, to be seen, felt &  heard. A chance to celebrate, with other like minded people like YOU.

Because as Rhys Lewis puts it so beautifully in his lyrics:

‘We are all on this crazy life journey together and the majority of us are seeking some sort of change.’

Life is filled with high notes, low notes and those painful unexpected beats which never even make the stave, I voice these moments through a collection of Life Lyrics.

Head to my blog for more about my journey along with advice and tips.